NEIRA Pre-Regatta checklist:

  1. US Rowing Membership ______


    1. Membership number_______________________


  1. Contact information for all coaches and the school’s AD submitted to Betsy Collins submitted at the annual meeting.

School’s name

Head coach; name, number, e-mail, cell phone

AD name, number, e-mail

Assistant coaches; names, number, e-mail


  1. NEIRA membership dues (Date) _____


  1. NEIRA entry form/request for seeding (Date)_____


  1. Submission of Roster to Bill Miller for the program (Date)_____


  1. US Rowing waivers_____


  1. Weekly submission of race results to the seeding committee and to row 2k


Regatta day checklist:

  1. Cell phone
  2. Legal waivers to be submitted to regatta headquarters before the regatta
  3. Sunscreen, binoculars, (possibly extra rolls of toilet paper)
  4. Print out extra lane assignments
  5.  bow markers;

6. Miscellaneous trailer checklist:

tools; spare fins, seats, riggers, and rudders, spare oarlocks; spare bolts and rigger nuts; rigger stick, pitch meter; first aid kits with medical releases; water bottles, spare Cox-Box, hand cleaner, rags, flashlights, garbage bags, tarps, spare plates and holders; laundry baskets; video camera and tape; buckets;  spare clothesline; sponges; tarps, slings.  Coxes will carry their Cox-Boxes with them.